Top Selling Radios

Entry Level
Model CS580
available Late November CS580 - Digital Price: $130.00
Mid Level
Model CS750
available in VHF CS750 - Digital Price: $239.00
High End
Model CS800
available in VHF CS800 - Digital Price: $280.00
High End
Model CS760
available Late December CS760 - Digital Price: $299.00

Comparison Chart

Model CS580 CS760 CS750 CS800
Frequency 400-480 MHz 400-512 MHz 400-470 MHz 400-470 MHz
Number of Channels 1,024 2,000 2,000 2,000
Number of Contacts 250 65,280 65,280 65,280
Transmitting Power 4 Watts 4 Watts 4 Watts 45 Watts
Basic KPP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced KPP No Yes Yes Yes
LCD Display Color Color Mono Mono
Enhanced Monitor Yes No No No
True Digital Squelch Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSI News

Exciting New Products

Date Posted: 9-22-2016
We are posting many exciting products in the next two weeks for the Amateur community. First we have the CS580. This is a game changer for the DMR community. Then we have the CS760 which is the most advanced DMR radio for the Amateur community. Finally we have the CS108G which is a HF radio covering all the HAM bands below 30 MHz.
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Product Information

New Enhancements For Our Radios

Date Posted: 6-22-2015
2000 Channels and 65536 Contacts now available for both the CS750 and the CS800. Enhancements for the visually impaired HAMS are now available for the CS750 CPS, CS800 CPS and the CS750 portable.
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Product Information

Purchasing Instructions for Amateur Sales

To purchase any of our products please call (818) 889-0503
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Product Information

CS750 and CS800 Has New Firmware

New versions of firmware has been released for our products...
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Product Information

Upgrading CS700 to CS750

These are the commercial versions of the similiar amateur products. The CS710...
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