March 21, 2017

Firmware Release H1.00.18

CPS Version 1.06.001

Firmware version H1.00.18 is current as of 3/21/17.

Bugs Fixed
..Digital Monitor Mode working,
..Backlight activates during activity while scanning,
..Backlight can be recovered if accidentally turned off,
..Scanning functionality improved,
..Entry of upper case and numeric data supported in Contacts and Texts - press and hold # key to switch entry selection

CPS Version 1.06.001 is current as of 3/21/17 Improved functionality with large code plugs on Windows 7, some slight improvement on Windows 8.1 and 10

February 24 , 2017

Firmware Release H1.00.15




February 24 , 2017

This is the current version as of 2/24/17. Bugs fixed: Returned Channel Annunciations. Modified Tx/Rx parameter for performance.

Firmware Release H1.00.14


Fixed a scan list Hang Time error and a Scan List change error when using the front panel
Firmware Release H1.00.13Fixed a Power On zone error

Firmware Release H1.00.12

This is the earliest rollback version as of 2/24/17 if new versions cause unintended problems.

February 24 , 2017

Flash Burn 3.0

February 24 , 2017

Use Flash Burn 3.0 to update firmware in CS760 radios. You do not need to upload every update. The current version includes all fixes from previous versions.

January 27, 2017

Beta Release of CPS for CS760

January 27, 2017

This is the first release of the firmware for the radios that is going to be sold next week. If you want to build a code plug start with this one.