September 28 , 2018

Firmware Version MS 20.38 (bin)

CPS Version 4.02.04 (EXE)

Flash Burn 3.00

Front Panel Update Tool

LCD Version 2.00.08

DM6500 Bootloader R2.04D

Voice Packet 2015-03-23

September 28 , 2018

This firmware version makes the radio compliant with the new FCC directives. Please load this into your CS800D. The only file needed from the files on the left is MS 20.38 if you are already updated to version 20.36.

August 1 , 2018

Clearing a locked CS800D (zip)

August 1 , 2018

If your CS800D is not responding normally, or turns on with only the mic and display lit and no text in the display, please download this package and follow the instructions included to clear out the memory and reset the radio to factory defaults.

Contact Manager The Contact Manager is a free program written and supported by Tom Wheeler that allows you to move code plugs between different radios. Clicking on this link jumps to Tom Wheeler's web site.